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Brother Mark Stewart Tillman has dedicated over two decades of service to making Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. a leader in the eyes of the membership it serves and the community at large. Brother Tillman offers leadership that encompasses integrity, humility, commitment, motivation, versatility, accountability, and dedication as he endeavors to maintain Alpha’s brand. Brother Tillman was initiated on November 22, 1985 into Beta Phi chapter located on the campus of Dillard University in New Orleans, Louisiana. Brother Tillman learned the value of being a brother in “good standing” early from mentors who were instrumental in his initiation and development.

Brother Tillman is currently the Immediate Past Vice President of the Midwestern Region. Under his leadership, he focused on supporting chapters so they can focus on promoting the mission of Alpha Phi Alpha. He provided an environment for brothers to re-engage themselves with the fraternity and invested in the talents of our membership. He continues to provide a vehicle to attract new partners and showcase what Alpha Phi Alpha has to offer.

During his terms, the “Roadmap to Excellence” was instituted as an annual agenda to demonstrate execution of the national strategic plan tasks with the goals of the Midwestern Region. The region ranked #1 or #2 in chapter compliance nationwide. The region ranked #1 or #2 in collegiate member attendance at the Alpha Leadership Academy. Despite economic challenges, every Midwestern Regional Convention made a profit and the profits were shared with the host chapters. The region instituted GPA monitoring of college chapters to measure academic progress. Several recognition programs were instituted to recognize newly initiated members, chapter donors to support regional competition winners at general conventions, and chapters celebrating their 100th anniversaries.

In addition, the Midwestern region donated thousands of dollars to support causes that were deemed worthy the General President and Board of Directors. As a member of the board of directors, Brother Tillman was appointed to lead a special committee with responsibilities to review and make recommendations to provide outstanding service to members, reduce the administrative overhead tasks of the membership department, and provide input into policies to yield consistency on how members and chapters are governed and supported. Brother Tillman also represented Alpha Phi Alpha at speaking engagements by delivering keynote addresses at several college and alumni chapter events, and represented Alpha Phi Alpha at two Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. regional conferences.

Brother Tillman is a consistent SERVANT. He served as the Associate Executive director of the Midwestern Region for four years and served in other capacities as a valued staff member to several Midwestern Region administrations. He has been integral on issues such as chapter administration and compliance, the Membership Intake Process, event planning, and other activities and programs. In addition, Brother Tillman also chaired the 74th Midwestern Regional Convention in Alpha Phi Alpha’s centennial year, one of the most memorable and most registered regional conventions ever.

Brother Tillman served in LEADER roles. He was an area director in Detroit, Michigan and led the state of Michigan as the district director, in which the district achieved one-hundred percent (100%) of the chapters in good standing under his leadership. Till this day, Michigan is considered a model district in the region.

Brother Tillman has over 20 years of membership in Gamma Lambda chapter in Detroit, Michigan. He continually serves his chapter as a tireless contributor to its programs, service projects, and brotherhood activities. He has represented his chapter as a delegate to conventions, at every level, and has been a chapter officer in six chapter administrations.

Brother Tillman is a key contributor on the Management Information Systems Committee that introduced the fraternity to AlphaNET and has also served as the workshop presenter on its use. He was instrumental in having the Midwestern Region to be the first region to use AlphaNET for regional conventions and has guided its adoption for two other regions. He also dedicated his time to educate chapters and members to utilize this tool to its full capability to streamline chapter operations.

Brother Tillman is versatile as a trainer and contributor in several of our fraternity’s training workshops and committees. He facilitated several field staff training workshops including the District Directors, Area Directors, Chapter and Officer Development, and Alpha Advisors workshops. He was also the original Associate Dean of the College of Business and Technology for Alpha University and is currently contributing to the Organizational Effectiveness Sub-committee for Performance Measures and Indicators.

Outside of Alpha Phi Alpha, Brother Tillman has over 20 years of information technology experience and combined service with the Hewlett-Packard Company (HP) through an acquisition of Electronic Data Systems (EDS). He is a technology consultant and Lead Offering Engineer where he leads a global team of systems engineers to design, build, and test server platform solutions. He provides leadership in determining technical direction, research, analysis, and implementation plans for new technology standards and processes. Brother Tillman chairs an employee-network group at HP where he promotes and executes programs that enhance professional development and diversity within the IT profession. Brother Tillman is also a member of the Black Data Processing Association (BDPA).

Brother Tillman is a native of New Orleans, Louisiana. He completed his bachelor’s degree in computer science at Dillard University in 1988. To ensure balance with Alpha Phi Alpha and his personal life, Brother Tillman is celebrating over 15 years of marriage to his wife Velicia. He is also a three-time mentor with Big Brothers/Big Sisters for nine (9) years. He attends Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Detroit and in his leisure time, he is an outdoor enthusiast as he enjoys camping and associated “water” sports (such as canoeing and kayaking), cycling, motorcycle riding, and exercising.

Brother Tillman and his wife Velicia

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