“My vision for Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. is to continue the evolution of our organization in a progressive direction for its greater usefulness.  To stimulate the mind, body, and spirit of each brother through professional, personal, and purposeful engagement while concurrently committing to a sound fiscal infrastructure that strengthens the fraternity’s financial position and corporate relations nationally and internationally.  I am committed to continuously provide a higher level of value to our constituents and the communities in which we serve that maintain the fraternity’s rightful place as a twenty-first century change agent; guided by our purpose and our mission.”

Protecting Our Corporate Identity

“Alpha Phi Alpha cannot be thought of as a club.  We are a legally recognized organization incorporated under applicable laws.  We have affiliate entities that are formed for the benefit of growing and protecting our assets so that we can better serve our members and our communities.  Safeguarding our corporate identity, brand, structure, and affiliations are paramount.  We will remain strategic, transparent, and compliant in our financial planning and spending as we ask members, companies, and other organizations to invest their financial resources.  In addition, there will be investments in the General Office of the fraternity so that our staff resources can focus on providing efficient world-class support.”

  • Develop and publish a formal registry of affiliate foundations within the fraternity
    • I will invest in a strategy to develop a listing of all foundations within the fraternity to promote, encourage use, and to understand all associations within Alpha Phi Alpha and its entities (regions, districts, and chapters).
  • Continue the commitment to the General Office with personnel and capital investments to achieve “best in class” service and quality
    • I will invest in a strategy to drive chapter operational efficiencies and to drive the automation functions through the use of technology, such as, the development of an “app” to access membership information for personal and fraternal use and the ability to become financial with a chapter through our membership system.
    • I will invest in a strategy to drive quicker turnaround times from inquires to receipt of products and increase customer service satisfaction for membership services.
  • Ensure the protection and growth of our corporate assets
    • I will invest in a strategy to continue strategic investments in our headquarters facility to increase its market value.
    • I will invest in a strategy to encourage a more cohesive partnership and promote greater use of our foundations that benefit our members and community relations.
    • I will invest in a strategy to responsibly maintain budgets where we do not rely on tapping into other funding areas.

College Life through Real Life

“As men, we are confronted with many transitions in our lives that shape our values.  Our perspectives change from when we enter college, through our first job and career goals, family obligations, health concerns, and in our retirement years.  At every stage, we must continue to invest in our brothers and show that Alpha Phi Alpha can be balanced in one’s life.  College days do indeed swiftly pass and we will continue to encourage our membership to stay connected to their brotherly associations that are formed at initiation.”

  • Promote and reinforce the tools of the fraternity that support college men and their academic performance and career aspirations
    • I will invest in a strategy to expand the participation of the Alpha Leadership Academy and the College Life to Corporate Life initiatives where every member from every college chapter is benefiting from the programs.
    • I will invest in a strategy to reduce the number of “at-risk” chapters where all chapters are sustainable.
    • I will invest in a strategy to provide programs so that college brothers can raise and meet academic expectations.
  • Promote opportunities that integrate and connect our membership to the fraternity at different stages in one’s life
    • I will invest in a strategy to support brotherhood development initiatives where all brothers can take advantage of fraternal mentorship opportunities.
    • I will invest in a strategy to expand on the support of the Brother’s Keeper Program.
  • Promote Alpha vacations in between biennial general conventions
    • I will invest in a strategy to continue supporting the business of Alpha Phi Alpha while providing and promoting affordable activities that allow for brothers and their families to connect with each other and to strengthen our fraternal bond.

Fight on the Ice

“We must fight till hell freezes over and then fight on the ice.” – Vertner Woodson Tandy, December 1937

 “Alpha Phi Alpha will always continue to advocate and serve when called upon.  Our communities need us! Our children need us! Also we need to rely on each other!  It’s our duty to demonstrate our relevance if we expect to retain the same level of interest from our supporters, our partners, our communities, and ourselves.  We must combat the external forces that continue to question and challenge our existence.  Whatever confronts us, we must remain a visible, viable, and socially responsible leader to our stakeholders as we exercise the collective and stabilized strength of our membership.”  

  •  Continue to support the strategic vision of our organization
    •  I will invest in a strategy to provide a “roadmap” to illustrate the direction of the fraternity in a transparent and concise manner.
  •  Maintain the focus on current National Programs and Special Projects
    • I will invest in a strategy to better showcase and integrate the programs and projects as investments in the next generation of young children and their communities.
    • I will invest in a strategy to better utilize our programs to focus more intently on youth and their development.
  • Thoughtfully challenge the “status quo” and responsibly provide for initiatives that will evolve our approach to new issues
    • I will invest in a strategy to provide for ways we can be more active in contemporary issues that Alpha men have been known to challenge.
    • I will invest in a strategy to evaluate our fraternal structure to better incorporate and support our international expansion.
    • I will invest in a strategy to evaluate and support the concentration of resources for the completion of the Jewels Project for the acquisition and restoration of historic properties.
  • Leverage and attract corporate and community partners to align services to strengthen the fraternity’s national initiatives
    •  I will invest in a strategy to continue to focus the resources of our partnerships and sponsors where there is a direct impact on the bottom line and a return on investment.
  • Re-energize our membership to commit to service
    • I will invest in a strategy to communicate to every member of Alpha Phi Alpha and connect him to the challenges of where the fraternity needs support regardless of membership status.
    • I will invest in a strategy to develop a “welcome packet” that invites any member to join an alumni chapter seated anywhere on the globe.
    • I will invest in a strategy to develop a major marketing effort to encourage brothers to reinvest in the fraternity.